Live Resin 一 The Hierarchy Of Cannabis

When you are talking about cannabis, there are varieties to choose from. With it ranging from edibles to smokables, there’s a weed product for everyone. In the huge variety of products, there lies live resin. But exactly islive resin

Understanding Live Resin :

Live resin is a form of cannabis extract made utilizing a novel methodology. The term ‘liveresin’ refers to a type of marijuana concentrate obtained from raw flowers rather than dehydrated and processed blooms. In this technique, freshly picked marijuana is refrigerated to a supercritical and pressurized temperature preceding and during the solvent extraction, obviating the need for dehydration, hardening, and curing. This means that phytoconstituents are highly efficient. The hydrocarbons which are lost throughout the curing and finishing procedure are retained using this approach. Live resin is known to be one of the most vital, connoisseur-level components since the aromatic terpenes are preserved. The yellow-coloured substance is often described as a very sticky substance with a waxy-like texture.

This type of marijuana potent is very concentrated and gives you the same (if not more) of an effect that many cannabis users look for. One of the many reasons why people choose live resin is because it gives out a better psychological effect that also seems to last longer when compared to other marijuana strains and forms. It is also known for its high levels of THC. This is because terpenes highly increase the impacts of marijuana. The quite lesser-known aspect of live resin is the fact that its essential characteristic is its full-spectrum extract. Even though plants grown for live resin production spare producers a lot of time, effort, and money, it is significantly expensive due to its lengthy and time-consuming manufacturing process.

Benefits Of Consuming Live Resin:

  • Contains a strong aroma
  • Has a rich flavour
  • Has a more complex taste
  • Contains more synergistic effects.
  • Is highly potent
  • Has high levels of therapeutic benefits
  • Gives a much smoother experience
  • Helps you feel relaxed

Terpenes are the most important aspect of live resin so, if you are planning to try live resin, it is highly advised and recommended that you consume it by the methods of ‘vaping’ or ‘dabbing’. You can also ingest it by scattering or sprinkling it in your joints or in any other ways that you prefer to consume it.